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Baxi 830 30kW 800

Boiler including installation, only £1899.00
Categories: Combi Boiler

The Baxi 830 30kW 800 boiler represents the pinnacle of innovative heating solutions, ensuring optimal warmth and efficiency for your home. Its compact design and powerful performance guarantee a consistent supply of hot water and heating while minimizing energy usage. Experience unmatched comfort and lowered utility costs with Baxi's state-of-the-art 830 30kW 800 – the ultimate choice for contemporary, environmentally-conscious households.

  • Only £1899.00 Installation Included!

Upgrade your home to the Baxi 830 30kW 800 for seamless, eco-friendly heating. This compact powerhouse delivers reliable hot water and warmth, seamlessly integrating advanced technology with energy efficiency. Revel in comfort and sustainability like never before!

Thank you for considering the Baxi 830 30kW 800! As a dedicated provider and installer, I'm here to assist you with personalized boiler replacement services. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information and a tailored quote to meet your specific requirements.
Brand: Baxi
Boiler dimensions: 390 x 700 x 285
DHW flow rate: 12.2 l/min
ErP rating heating: A
ErP rating DHW: A
ErP efficiency: 93%