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Biasi Rinnova Adaptive 25C 25kW

Boiler including installation, only £1199.00
Categories: Combi Boiler

Introducing Rinnova Adaptive, our pioneering gas adaptive boiler now available in the UK market. Compact yet powerful, the Rinnova Adaptive 25C 25kW combination boiler delivers up to 17.0 liters per minute of instantaneous hot water. Equipped with Gas Adaptive technology, it automatically adjusts to different gas qualities, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The high-grade stainless steel, single-coil heat exchanger is robust and efficient, providing reliable heating and hot water. With user-friendly controls and optional external control compatibility, Rinnova Adaptive offers ease of operation and enhanced comfort. Featuring built-in weather compensation, it responds to outside temperature changes, optimizing your heating and saving energy. Environmentally conscious, the Rinnova boiler incorporates metal panels and a brass hydraulic block, reducing plastic usage and promoting sustainability. Upgrade to Rinnova Adaptive for adaptive gas technology, eco-friendliness, and superior performance.

  • Only £1199.00 Installation Included!

Upgrade to Biasi Rinnova Adaptive 25C 25kW for efficient, eco-friendly heating. This adaptable powerhouse delivers reliable hot water and warmth, blending advanced Gas Adaptive technology with energy efficiency. Experience unmatched comfort and sustainability today!

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Brand: Biasi
Boiler dimensions: 700 x 400 x 300
DHW flow rate: 10.7 L/min
ErP rating heating: A
ErP rating DHW: A
ErP efficiency: 94%