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Vokera Easi-Heat i 25kW

Boiler including installation, only £1199.00
Categories: Combi Boiler

The Vokera Easi-Heat i 25kW combi boiler delivers unparalleled heating performance in a compact form. Its low lift weight allows flexible installation, making it suitable for various spaces, even within kitchen cupboards. With a user-friendly digital interface, large radial stainless steel heat exchanger, and built-in frost protection, it ensures efficiency, ease of use, and reliability.

  • Only £1199.00 Installation Included!

Upgrade to the Vokera Easi-Heat i 25kW for a seamless blend of comfort and efficiency. This combi boiler offers instantaneous heating and hot water, adapting effortlessly to your home's needs. Experience advanced technology, versatility, and eco-friendly heating solutions today!

Thank you for considering the Vokera Easi-Heat i 25kW! As a dedicated provider and installer, I'm here to assist you with personalized boiler replacement services. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information and a tailored quote to meet your specific requirements.
Brand: Vokera
Boiler dimensions: 400 x 700 x 275
DHW flow rate: 10.2 l/min
ErP rating heating: A
ErP rating DHW: A
ErP efficiency: 89.10%